SV Finally has a Coimc Space

Warcow: Hey Guys It's been a great first year and a half since SV started last year January. I know that our previous Updates have been less than reliable however we have remidied the situation. We decided on a Two versus nobody else voted (or got the chance to on Wendsday updates. So Wendsday next week we will have our first comic on this site uploaded. untill then however I have a little teaser peice for you guys.

Oh and I'm going to take my sweet time bringing over theold comics (infact I might not) So you can still read them Via the SV archives on our fourm.

Oh yes and to you newcombers out there we have an IRC on the server. The channel name is S_V and we'd love to see you there.

Rockets101: Dood WTF...?

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